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exquisite and unique – Moto mats

July 11, 2013

Moto master plaiters created these beautiful mats for Interior IDEA company, Kenya.

Lamu Blue

Sultan Msala

Lamu Blue2

Lamu Blue 3

Hall Mat

Dining Hall

Dining Hall Detail

NEW Shop Sign

January 9, 2012

MOTO & DADA products at Hurumzi Str.416, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Zanzibar Crafts&Culture Tour

March 11, 2011

Spend 3 hrs at our Museum&Workshop and experience the warmth and friendliness of local craftspeople in the village of Pete. Situated only 3km before the Jozani Nationalpark, our tour is the perfect addition to your visit to the famous Zanzibar Colobus Monkeys.
For more information please visit:
For bookings please call: 0773  03 11 78 or e-mail:

Zanzibar Crafts and Culture Tour

Safari in style

January 26, 2011

Pack your things!

Discover the wild and open spaces of Tanzania’s National Parks with durable and safari-proof MOTO-bags.

Hurumzi Str. 416, Stone Town, Zanzibar

tradition meets modern lifestyle – ukili wallets

December 2, 2010

Ukili wallets come in traditional Zanzibar patterns which can be seen on various plaited items like bags and mats.
The ukili wallet is a new MOTO product which combines Zanzibar tradition and the daily needs of modern city-dwellers.
Stock your money, your mobile phone and your credit cards in a uniquely crafted piece of swahili history.

Available at MOTO Shop, Hurumzi Str. 416, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Now in stock: Kopa Kwa Makashata

November 1, 2010

New bags from our cooperatives arrived at MOTO-Shop in  Stone-Town. The pattern kopa kwa makashata means the heart in plaids. It is a traditional Ukili-pattern nearly forgotten. You can help to revive an ancient Swahili tradition by buying your beloved a kopa kwa makashata bag.

MOTO-Shop, Zanzibar, Stone Town, Hurumzi Str.416
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Zanzibar activities – visit Moto workshop in Pete

July 17, 2010

Spice up your excursion to Jozani National Park with a visit to the MOTO Workshop and Ukili Museum in Pete.

Learn to design and batik your own t-shirt, sheet or table cloth, have a go at weaving on a wooden loom, or plait a strip of ukili and finish the afternoon with a delicious traditional Zanzibar lunch. Families, groups and school classes are welcome. Please make your booking! 0777 466 304

For more information, please visit the Moto Worshop&Museum website:

After the monkeys – creative relaxation.

Moto – community based crafts production in Zanzibar

July 10, 2010
Over a hundred women and men are organised in the MOTO network.
MOTO products are hand-made from 100% natural palm leaf and cotton.
Solar cookers and specially made fire wood saving stoves are used in the production process.
MOTO products are unique originals, crafted by skilled Zanzibari artisans.
With your purchase you value an ancient Swahili tradition, support Community Trade,  and contribute to a sustainable local Eco-nomy.
Please visit our shop in Zanzibar, Stone Town, Hurumzi Str. 416 and our community workshop and crafts museum in Pete.

Handwoven Swahili Kikoi

February 9, 2010

Experience the creation of the famous handwoven Swahili kikoi. Worn all along the East African coast, this traditional piece of clothing is as popular as ever. Additionally, the kikoi has been discovered as material for comfortable men’s and ladies’ wear and adores the world traveller’s home in form of beautiful drapes, curtains, table wear or bedsheets.

Master weaver at work on the loom. Moto workshop in Pete, Zanzibar

A master artisan creates only a limited number of our unique designs on a traditional handloom using the finest Tanzanian cotton which is dyed in small patches ensuring the highest quality colouring.

Swahili kikois handwoven at the Moto community workshop in Pete, Zanzibar.

Swahili kikois are available at the MOTO Shop in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Hurumzi Street 416.

Experience master weavers at work at the MOTO community workshop in Pete, Zanzibar.